RAP-CD-Logo1Welcome to the June 2001 RAP CD. We get things started with a demo from this months interview subject, Lou Kastler at Journal Broadcast Group in Omaha. All spots on the demo were written, voiced, and produced by Lou! Cuts 2-5 finish off our 2000 RAP Awards "Best of the Rest" as we serve up four entries from the Feature Production category that missed the finals by a hair. (You might want to send the kids to bed before playing cut 3.) Great work guys, and a final congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and semi-finalists of the 2000 RAP Awards! The rest of this months CD is back to our usual format. Promos are on cuts 6-15, and we wrap up with commercials on cuts 16-20.

1. Demo from Lou Kastler, Journal Broadcast Group, Omaha, Nebraska
2. Less Taxation Dave Cruse, WJIS-FM, Sarasota, Florida
3. Moe Fuggers Spooky Bitches Brew Dave Green, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida
4. Election Day/Bye, Bye, Bye Kevin McCullough, WYLL-FM, Chicago, Illinois
5. Voting Seniors - Kevin McCullough, WYLL-FM, Chicago, Illinois
6. Auditory Canals, Todd Manley, WGN-AM, Chicago, Illinois
7. Best of Dawn Patrol 2000, Joel Moss, WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio
8. Website Re-Launch, Johnny George, Susquehanna Indianapolis
9. After Midnight-Mission Nashville, Tommy Oz, Premiere Radio Networks
10. KS95 Beat Promo, Jym Geraci, KS95, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
11. Winners Delight, Vicki Marr, 101.1 TTFM, Melbourne, Australia
12. Air One Music, Mike Schaeffer, Air 1 Network, Scappoose, Oregon
13. What's In Your Wallet, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks
14. Plus One Teaser, Scott Stephenson, WVFJ, Atlanta, Georgia
15. Spring Promo, Al B. Love, Brain Damage Creative Services
16. Milano's Pizza, Craig Jackman, CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
17. Moody Magazine, Lee Rugan, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois
18. Moxie's Classic Grill, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada
19. El Azteca/Valentines, Tuna, WBYR-FM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
20. Applied Solutions, Roger Clark, KCMS-FM, Seattle, Washington


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