RAP-CD-Logo1If you're into commercials, this months RAP CD is for you! We kick things off with a sample of spots from this months interview subject, Steve McKenzie at NextMedia, Chicago. We get a sample of some of his commercials followed by his voice demo on cut 1. Cut 2 is the demo from last months interview subjects, Paul and Stuart at World Wide Wadio -- awesome stuff! Cut 3 is the spot Jeffrey Hedquist refers to in his Radio Hed column this month. The rest of this months RAP CD is the "Best of the Rest" of the 2000 Radio And Production Awards commercial categories. We get the Best of the Rest from the Small Market category on cuts 4-9, Medium Markets on cuts 10-16, and Large Markets on cuts 17-20. Congratulations to all of these contestants who missed the finals by a hair! Your work certainly deserves the exposure! Next months RAP CD will contain the "Best of the Rest" from the Promo categories and the Feature Production category. 

1. Demo from Steve McKenzie, NextMedia, Chicago, Illinois, steve[at]mckenziemedia.com
2. Demo from Paul Fey/Stuart Sloke, World Wide Wadio, Hollywood, Calilfornia, pfey[at]wadio.com, ssloke[at]wadio.com
3. Wing It Radio Hed audio, Jeffrey Hedquist, Hedquist Productions, Jeffrey[at]hedquist.com
4. Toowoomba Sports Club Jason Myatt, C-FM, Toowoomba, Qld., Australia, jmyatt[at]darlingdownsradio.com.au
5. Collision Repair Ben Blankenship, KDEZ, Jonesboro, Arkansas, bigben[at]swbell.net
6. S.O.S. Storage Options & Solutions Doug Jean, WIXY/WLRW/WKIO, Champaign, Illinois, djean[at]mix945.com
7. Molitars Haunted Hayride David Fremo, KCLD-FM, St. Cloud, Minnesota, kcldprod[at]cloudnet.com
8. Grease Monkey Stefan Hodgden, KMTS, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, (970) 945-9124
9. Gift Giving Susan Speedy, WFNT, Burton, Michigan, speedyt[at]internet4all.net
10. Encore Video/Dog Pound Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG, San Antonio, Texas, ric.Gonzalez[at]cox.com
11. Encore Video/The Vet Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG, San Antonio, Texas, ric.Gonzalez[at]cox.com
12. Amore/Horny Elves Holly Buchanan, Cox Radio, Richmond, Virginia, holly.Buchanan.cox.com
13. The End Zone/Football Holly Buchanan, Cox Radio, Richmond, Virginia, holly.Buchanan.cox.com
14. Kiss and Make Up/Men - Holly Buchanan, Cox Radio, Richmond, Virginia, holly.Buchanan.cox.com
15. Santa Loses Christmas Dan Mussman, Clear Channel, Albany, New York, duke[at]clearchannel.com
16. Austin's Wine/Memorable Sunny Robbins, WDRR-FM, Fort Myers, Florida, (941) 275-9377
17. Wheat & Rye/IBSB Charlie Curtis, WOMC-FM, Detroit, Michigan, ccurtis[at]cbs.com
18. The Foundry Ryan Drean, KWAB-AM, Boulder, Colorado, rdrean[at]kwabradio.com
19. Pro Tech Pest Control/Mercenary Ants Jeff Crites, WAVA, Washington, DC, jeffc[at]wava.com
20. Captain Voltage Dave Baker, KMSX, San Diego, California, dbaker[at]clearchannel.com