The November 2000 RAP Cassette kicks off with a demo from this months interview subject, Jeff Freeman of KUFO in Portland. The rest of Side A is filled with some great commercial work. Side B opens up with a few promos on cuts 1 through 7. Brush up on you Danish for cut 1 from The Voice in Copenhagen. Cuts 8 through 11 are sweeper montages, including more superb work from The Voice on cut 10. Cut 11 is a parody from Dean Heid, and we finish the side with a demo from the archives for WCKGs "Radio for Men," a "manly" demo from Todd Manley!

Side A

1. Demo from Jeff Freeman, KUFO-FM, Portland, Oregon, jfreeman[at]
2. Think Marketing/Flush, Andrew Murdoch, SILK-FM, Kelowna, BC, Canada, andrew[at]
3. Weissman's, Steve Keller, KMON-FM, Great Falls, Montana, (406) 761-7600
4. All Star Bail Bonds, Greg Williams, South Central Comm., Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 525-6000
5. Fantasy Tattoos, Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas, (210) 646-0105
6. Caroline's Pet Motel, Kat Morgan, KOSP/KKLH, Springfield, Missouri, (417) 886-5677
7. Party City, Scott Stephenson, WVFJ, Atlanta, Georgia, (770) 487-4500
8. Squires/Hitachi, Jeff Wine, Dame Broadcasting, Chambersburg, PA, (717) 263-0813
9. Mark & Marth Hardware, Greg Saunders, WQFL, Rockford, Illinois, greg[at]

Side B

1. Craig David, Jesper Monefeldt, The Voice, Copenhagen, Denmark, monefeldt[at]
2. Pearl Jam Tickets, Arnie, WIIL Rock, Kenosha, Wisconsin, radioarnie[at]
3. Rugby World Cup/The Essential Guide, James Stodd, Red Dragon FM, Cardiff, United Kingdom, (29) 2038-4041
4. Eb & Jeb: Alien Interview, C.J. Goodearl, Clear Channel Comm., Orlando, Florida, (407) 916-8419
5. CISN Sticker, Ryan Stockert, CISN-FM, Edmonton, Alb., Canada, rstockert[at]
6. Star 96 Ski Day, Dan Kirkness, CHVR-FM, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, (613) 735-1350
7. We Play the Hits, Greg Saunders, WQFL, Rockford, Illinois, greg[at]
8. Andy & Allison Sweeper Montage, Eric Bohlen, WIVK/WNOX, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 588-6511
9. Multi Station Sweeper Montage, Randall Horvath, Vanilla Gorilla Productions, Houston, Texas, (281) 277-7878
10. New Voice Jingle Package, Bjarke Ramussen, The Voice, Copenhagen, Denmark, bjarke[at]
11. Sweeper Montage, Arnie, WIIL Rock, Kenosha, Wisconsin, radioarnie[at]
12. You Suck, Dean Heid, WYHT/WMAN, Mansfield, Ohio, (419) 529-2211
13. Radio For Men Demo, Todd Manley, WCKG, Chicago, Illinois, (312) 240-7993


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