Pressing the STANDBY/CUE button while pressing the PLAY MODE button gets you to the preset menu. And man, this baby has preset functions, no less than thirty-one of them. Once you’re in that mode, you can scroll through your options using the Preset Select knob, and pressing the Preset Select knob cycles through your choices. The presets are stored in permanent memory, so they’ll survive a power cycle. Here are just a few of the more useful ones.

D.Out Pro(Cons) determines whether the digital outputs conform to the AES/EBU format, or to the Consumer format which can be either S/PDIF (which contains embedded subcode information) or IEC-958 Type II (which contains no embedded subcode information).

Next Stb.OFF(ON) regulates the operation of the STANDBY/CUE button. In the OFF position, pressing STANDBY/CUE during playback returns to the start of the track and enters standby mode. In the ON position, pressing STANDBY/CUE during playback goes to the next track and enters standby mode. Slick.

FadeIn and FadeOut are self-explanatory, and can be set to six different values ranging from 10 milliseconds to 2 seconds, or can be turned off altogether.

The Stereo (Mono) preset determines whether the left and right output connectors send discreet left and right audio or an identical mix of left and right audio.

One of my favorite presets is PlayLock ON(OFF). When turned ON, it disables all controls other than PLAY/PAUSE, TIME and PLAY MODE. You can think of this preset as the Dummy Preset, since it prevents other folks from changing the DN-C680’s setup and well, you know the rest.

There are also presets that allow you to play CDRs that have not been finalized and therefore have no Table of Contents, and several presets to set up the serial and parallel remote control parameters.