Welcome to the July 2000 RAP Cassette! We begin Side A with an exceptional demo from this months interview subject, Keith Smith/KRTH, Los Angeles. Voices you'll hear on the demo include Charlie Van Dyke, the station voice, along with Bobby Ocean, Beau Weaver, Gary Owens, and Rick Chase. Turn it up! Cuts 2 through 8 offer more great commercial work from around the globe. Patrick O'Regan does a nice job of directing his 5-year-old son on cut 5. And cut 9 is another semi-finalist from this years RAP Awards Feature Production category. (If you found Tony Montana (Scarface) offensive, you might want to skip this one!) Side B is packed with promos some recent submissions and some from the archives, but all of it great work!

Side A

1. Keith Smith Demo, KRTH-FM, Los Angeles, California, soundsmith@mediaone.net
2. Baja Spas/Shasta, Geoffrey Erb, E.R.B., Scottsdale, Arizona, (602) 971-0966
3. Invision Eyeware, Darren Marlar, Marlar House Productions, (888) 346-8286
4. Wholesale Sports, Mike Mlazgar, 100.3 The Bear, Edmonton, Alb., Canada, mikem@bear.fm
5. Future Kids, Patrick ORegan, Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland, (21) 872930
6. Harvest Family Church, Rick Probst, WVFJ, Atlanta, Georgia, (770) 487-4500
7. Springfield Floor Company, Kat Morgan, KOSP/KKLH, Springfield, Missouri, (417) 886-5677
8. Burnside Liquidators, Gary Tredwell, Metroradio Group, Halifax, NS, Canada, (902) 453-2524
9. Tony Montanas New Years Resolutions, Tom Alexander, WAFN, Miami, Florida, (305) 470-0007

Side B

1. Hip Hop Rap Off Competition, Mike Wilcox, Triple J FM, Sydney, Australia, mikew@triplej.abc.net.au
2. Star 102.7/All You Need, Randy Horvath, Vanilla Gorilla Productions, Houston, TX, randy@vanillagorilla.com
3. KCWJ Info Line, Darren Marlar, Marlar House Productions, (888) 346-8286
4. The Hearse R.I.P., Jim Hausfeld, WTUE-FM, Dayton, Ohio, (937) 224-1137
5. KTRH/Traffic & Weather, Lonnie Perkins, Perkins & Co., Louisville, Kentucky, (502) 245-8005
6. Bear Mail, Johnny George, Susquehanna Indianapolis, (317) 558-7130
7. Artist of the Week, John Mangino, WFQX, Winchester, Virginia, (540) 662-5101
8. Wheel of Fortune, Dan Kirkness, CHVR, Pembroke, Ont., Canada, (613) 735-9670
9. Melencamp Flyaway, Jym Geraci, KSTP-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota, (651) 647-2889
10. Fabulous Phoenix 4th, Garry "D", KNIX-FM, Phoenix, Arizona, (602) 966-6236
11. The Dems Call Rush, Matt Anthony, WTVN-AM, Columbus, Ohio, (614) 487-2532
12. Ext. 720/Not Tonight Dear, Todd Manley, WGN, Chicago, Illinois, (312) 222-4709
13. Rugby World Cup Image, James Stodd, Red Dragon FM, Cardiff, United Kingdom, (29) 2038-4041
14. Late and Live, Mark Bingham, BRMB, Birmingham, United Kingdom, (121) 503-5401
15. Always Something Happening, Dermot ONeill, KFRC/KYCY, San Francisco, California, (415) 951-2378
16. The Rock Feedback Line, Chris Wrapson, The Rock, Coventry, England, (0117) 9005335
17. Fulmers Kids, Eric Bohlen, Dick Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee, (865) 212-4536