We kick off Side A with a terrific demo from this month's interview subject, Joey DiFazio/WFAN. The demo includes the "Imus Chicken Rant" Joey talks about in the interview, as well as a nice sample of voice-work from Joey Dee Voices at the end of the demo. By the way, even though WFAN is an AM station, it broadcasts in stereo. Joey notes that they have been instructed since the beginning to produce as if for an FM station, and that's how they still do it today.

The rest of this month's Cassette is part one of "The Best of the Rest of the 1999 RAP Awards!" Last month's Cassette contained all the finalists. But there are quite a few entries that came VERY close to being in the finals. We felt these remaining semifinalists definitely deserved to be heard, so we are presenting them on this month's and next month's RAP Cassettes. This month, we present the semifinalists for Best Commercial, starting with Small Markets at cut 2, and wrapping up the Large Market entries at cut 6 on Side B. The rest of Side B contains four entries from the Feature Production category. As you'll hear, the competition is very tough, and congratulations are in order to all who made it to this level!

Next month's RAP Cassette features the remaining semifinalists in the Best Promo category!

Side A

1. Joey DiFazio Demo – WFAN-AM, New York, NY
2. Bug Zapper – Page Miller, KOSP/KKLH/KOMG, Springfield, Missouri
3. Coyotes Bar/Vibrator Races – Daryl Bolton, CJSD, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
4. Free Lance-Star/Doris – Shelly Bynum, WFLS/WYSK, Fredericksburg, Virginia
5. Mr. Sub – Brent Blazieko (T-Bone), CFMC/CKOM/CINT, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
6. Ferrari of Central Florida/"Let's Go for a Ride" – Dave Green, WQTM-AM, Orlando, Florida
7. The Fence Doktor - Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas
8. The Atrium - Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas
9. Phantasy Tattoo – Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas
10. Essential Beauty/"Bitch" – Terry Webb, SAFM, Adelaide, South Australia
11. The Eyesite/"Butt Ugly Glasses" – Richard Stroobant, CJAY, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. Advanced Pest Control/"Pest" - Terry Webb, SAFM, Adelaide, South Australia
13. Essential Beauty/"Stella" – Terry Webb, SAFM, Adelaide, South Australia

Side B

1. A to Zinc/"Action Max" – Holly Buchanan, AMFM Richmond, Richmond, Virginia
2. Abby's Indoor Gardener/"That's a Rap!" – J.R. Hagenbuck, CFUN, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
3. Footrest Shoes/"Godzilla" – Gregg Sinclair, MIX 106.5, Sydney, Australia
4. Dixieland/"The Message" – Scott Stephenson, WVFJ-FM, Atlanta, Georgia
5. Kamay Beauty Centers/"Adam" – Len Naemark, KYXY, San Diego, California
6. Hooligan's Restaurant – Tom Alexander, WAFN, Miami, Florida
7. Ballad of Christian Cullen – Steve Houston, Radio Works, Auckland, New Zealand
8. In The Beginning..." - Nick Tozzi, WMJI, Cleveland, Ohio
9. Damitol – C.J. Goodearl/Dave Green, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida
10. Dirty Birds Can't Be Beat – Rich VanSlyke, WKLS, Atlanta, Georgia

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