Trailer Maintenence

Length: :30
Writer: A Frame

DAVE: Grandville Trailer. Dave here.

CALLER: I got a boat!

DAVE: Congratulations! What condition is the trailer in?

CALLER: I'm hearing a clunk.

DAVE: A clunk?

CALLER: When I stop.

DAVE: Might be the hydraulic brakes.

CALLER: That's bad!

DAVE: Well, let's not jump to conclusions. Bring it in. We'll give it a once over, including the hydraulic brakes. What about the wheel bearings and lights?

CALLER: Squeaks. And … blinks.

DAVE: Okaaaayy…

CALLER: I'll be there in ten minutes

DAVE: I'll be waiting. Grandville Trailer, for service on your boat trailer. Twenty-Eighth, just west of Ivanrest, and, Grandville Trailer Dot Net. We're pullin 'for ya.

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