Trailer Parts

Length: :30
Writer: A Frame

(this needs to be done rather quickly, in a call/respond style)


DAVE: Grandville Trailer. Dave here.

CALLER: You carry parts?

DAVE: I try not to. Bad back. I let the younger guys do the lifting.

CALLER: Ha! Trailer hitches?

DAVE: Weight distribution hitches.

CALLER: Ball mounts?

DAVE: Spare tire mounts.

CALLER: Wheel chocks?

DAVE: Wheel bearings.

CALLER: Brakes?

DAVE: Drums.

CALLER: Seals?

DAVE: Hubs.

CALLER: Tie downs?

DAVE: Leaf springs.

CALLER: Ummm….

DAVE: Weathertech car & truck mats.

CALLER: (pause) Ooh. Got me on that one.

DAVE: Yeah. Nobody expects that. Grandville Trailer, for pretty much any parts you may want. Twenty-Eighth, just west of Ivanrest, and, Grandville Trailer Dot Net. We're pullin 'for ya.

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