We Do it

Length: :60
Writer: A Frame

(loud crashing, tools in a garage)

ANNX: All Green Lawn and Tree Care has nothing against “do it yourselfers”.

MAN: (slightly off mic) Where is my shovel?

ANNX: In fact, we applaud the spirit that motivates people to beautify their homes.

MAN: (slightly off mic) (fx: chunk) Ow!

ANNX: And, we can sympathize with dropping a shovel on your foot. (fx: thud)

MAN: (slightly off mic, in pain) Ow!

ANNX: While people were watching

(fx: small group chuckles)

Now, if you're not a “do it yourselfer”, give All Green Lawn and Tree Care a call at 610-929-99-hundred for a free consultation. We serve residential and commercial customers in Berks and Lancaster counties with lawn and tree care, including pest and disease control. We're local, family-owned, and responsive with a 24 hour answering service. Plus, all of our licensed technicians are certified by the Department of Agriculture. When it comes to lawn, lanscape and tree care, we've done it all.

MAN: (slightly off mic) (fx: crash) Ow!

ANNX: And, in some cases, felt it all, too ... All Green Lawn and Tree Care, where it is greener on the other side… the all green side. Right now, new customers discounts are available for full lawn and tree care programs! Call for a free consultation on 610-929-99-hundred, or at “All Green Lawn and Tree Care (dot) com”.