Length: :60
Writer: A Frame

ANNX: Baxter Security Systems invites you to meet … Duke.

(big dog bark, growl)

GUY1: Hey! Who's the little guy... (dog snarls) Whoa!

GUY2: (proud, confident) Yeah. This is Duke. He's a four legged, fang toothed, burglar-eating machine. Nothing gets past him. Any robber-type sets one foot in my spread'll get themselves a face-full o' Duke.

GUY1: Wow. (talks to dog, like an infant; dog transitions from vicious to a happy whimpering pup) You're just a tough boy aren't you? (fx: baggie opens) Oh! What do I have? Want some bacon? You're such a good boy! (fx: happy dog chewing noise)

GUY2: (disappointed) Duke … son … have some self-respect, boy.

ANNX: If your security system is more of a deterrent to lunch meat than real trouble, call Baxter Security, 555-1212. If your security system doesn't alert you to fire, water and gas leaks, freezing pipes and other disasters, call Baxter Security, 555-1212. Locally monitored 24 hours a day, providing you with a state-of-the-art caretaker. Call 555-1212, visit “baxter security dot com”. Let Baxter Security provide you with peace of mind while you're home - or away.

Tags: Security