Boys Toys Storage Units

Length: :30
Writer: Earl Pilkington

((MUSIC: BLUES TO START UNTIL... 'fixed that problem' then into SOFT ROCK))

((HARRY is a bored hen-pecked male voice))

ANCR: Meet Harry…


ANCR: His wife used to say…

ANCR (pretending to be Harry's wife):

“Put these ‘toys’ away, you know store them… anywhere…

‘BUT HERE!!!’”

ANCR (straight) And…

ANCR (pretending to be Harry's wife):

“We’re downsizing… we need more space!!!”

ANCR (straight read):
Harry fixed that problem… he called (BUSINESS NAME) and now stores his boat, caravan, trailer, and her horse float securely at (BUSINESS NAME), in (SUBURB)

Maybe we help improve your relationship too…

Call (PHONE NUMBER) or look online at “(WEBSITE ADDRESS)”.

See (BUSINESS NAME), and ‘enjoy your toys, more!’

Tags: Storage
Located in: Miscellaneous