New Limousines

Length: :30
Writer: Earl Pilkington

((SFX:Work/Office with Computers beeping and clock ticking))

FVO: What are we going to do for the work function this year?!

MVO: Ummm (pause)… (Not convinced) takeaway like last year?

((SFX: Half a dozen people groan in the background. SFX all cut and fun, lively music bed comes in.))

ANCR: (Bright and fast read)
Work at a small business?
Don’t have a boring function just because there’s less of you!
Call the new Limousine company in <LOCATION>... <BUSINESS NAME>!
Catering for as little as 2 people, they’ll make your next function a blast with classy transportation and great options!
PLUS they guarantee to beat any price! <BUSINESS NAME> Limousines <PHONE NUMBER>
Remember the name <Business Name> Limousines