The 23rd Radio And Production Awards (2013)

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Sophie Jackson takes the Small Market Commercial category, and Jason Phelps claimed the Large Market Commercial category. And welcome back for return visits, Sideshow Mike Anderson, Jim Van Dusen, Sheldon Hovde, and Chris Pottage! Jim picked up his second trophy, and the other three each picked up their fourth trophy, putting them in the pack of a total of eight producers who are now all tied for fourth place for all time most trophies won by a producer. And hats off to the writers and voice talent, who in many cases are not the producer, but winners as well!

Feature Productions

WINNER: Bali Bombings 10th Anniversary – Triple M, Sydney, Australia. Producer: Sideshow Mike Andersen. Copywriter: Sideshow Mike Andersen. Voice talent: Sideshow Mike Andersen.
1st Runner-up (tie): 80's on 8 Jarody Pingles – Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, New York, NY. Producer: Kevyn Howard. Copywriter: Kevyn Howard. Voice talent: Ned Spindle, Don Wicklin, Deborah Bond.
1st Runner-up (tie): Evolution Rockpocalypse – Rogers Broadcasting, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Producer: Ryan Leininger. Copywriter: Ryan Leininger. Voice talent: Trevor Shand.
2nd Runner-up: Sedation Christianity – Moody Radio Network, Chicago, Illinois. Producer: Lee Rugen. Copywriter: Chris Fabry. Voice talent: Lee Rugen, Chris Fabry, Tricia McMillan, Erin Fabry, Jon Gauger.
Finalist: 90's on 9 Mini TV & Movie Parodies – Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, New York, NY. Producer: Kevyn Howard. Copywriter: Kevyn Howard. Voice talent: Ned Spindle, Don Wicklin, Deborah Bond

Small Market Commercials

WINNER: Paranormal Furniture – Southern Cross Austereo, Esperance, Western Australia. Producer: Sophie Jackson. Copywriter: Andy Macleod. Voice talent: Abes Audio, Suzanne McGill.
1st Runner-up (tie): Arnold Bail Bonds – Freeland Broadcasting, Huntingdon, Tennessee. Producer: Ken Heron. Copywriter: Ken Heron. Voice talent: Ken Heron, George Robinson
1st Runner-up (tie): Rabinder Dhillon/Works for You – Island Radio, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Producer: Zach Parkscott. Copywriter: Matt Fogarty. Voice talent: Matt Fogarty, Zach Parkscott.
1st Runner-up (tie): Road Safety/Main Roads Kalgoorlie – Southern Cross Austereo, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Producer: Jarred O'Brien. Copywriter: Aussie Moore. Voice talent: Bethany Powley, Grayton from Abes Audio.
2nd Runner-up: Crankin Cycles – Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, Western Australia. Producer: Jarred O'Brien. Copywriter: Josh Langley. Voice talent: Voiceshare – Gosford
Finalist: Screamers Haunt – L.A. Radio Group, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. Producer: Kyran Mountain. Copywriter: Chelsea Bates. Voice talent: Chelsea Bates.

Medium Market Commercials

WINNER: Barf! Barf! Tropiclean – Astral Radio, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Producer: Jim Van Dusen. Copywriter: Michelle Cattani. Voice talent: Jim Van Dusen.
1st Runner-up: Swango Law PC – Max Media, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Producer: Jeff Schmidt. Copywriter: Jeff Schmidt. Voice talent: Jeff Schmidt, Jason Hillegas.
2nd Runner-up: Norbest A Christmas Carol – Bonneville Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah. Producer: Von Coffman. Copywriter: Von Coffman. Voice talent: Von Coffman, Sue Kelly, Scott Taylor.
Finalist: Stoney Island – Saga Communications, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Producer: Joe Meinecke. Copywriter: Mark von Hodenberg. Voice talent: Joe Meinecke, Calvin Blerman.
Finalist: Road Safety Campaign – UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom. Producer: Colin McGinness. Copywriter: Colin McGinness. Voice talent: Reuben Kahn, Millie Beswick.
Finalist: Scarecrow –, Delray Beach, Florida. Producer: Jeff Mustard. Copywriter: Jeff Mustard. Voice talent: Nina Baeza.

Large Market Commercials

WINNER: Live Comedy – Clear Channel, Atlanta, Georgia. Producer: Jason Phelps. Copywriters: Jason Phelps, Steve Stone. Voice talent: Steve Stone, Dave Savage.
1st Runner-up: DMO Pest Control/Cocka Roaches – Clear Channel, Atlanta, Georgia. Producer: Vito Gorinas. Copywriter: Jill Belloma. Voice talent: Vito Gorinas, Jim Gossett, Neil Hazard.
2nd Runner-up (tie): Lakeview Restaurant/Natural Habitat – Evanov Radio Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Producer: Frank Lauraitis. Copywriter: Sheila Koenig. Voice talent: Client.
2nd Runner-up (tie): Tasti D-Lite – Clear Channel, Atlanta, Georgia. Producer: Jason Phelps. Copywriter: Jill Belloma. Voice talent: Erin Anderson, Jason Phelps.
2nd Runner-up (tie): USC Lancaster/Stripper – Clear Channel, Atlanta, Georgia. Producer: Jason Phelps. Copywriter: Jason Phelps. Voice talent: Jenny Huss, Jason Phelps.
Finalist: Consequences – Astral Radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Producer: Rob Bourdeau. Copywriter: Chris Rivest. Voice talent: Chris Rivest, Adam Hunter, Cathy L'Henaff.
Finalist: LaCoppa/So Good – Clear Channel, Atlanta, Georgia. Producer: Jason Phelps. Copywriters: Jill Belloma, Jason Phelps. Voice talent: Alex Lacasse.
Finalist: ASAP Contracting and Roofing/Ooops! – KTRS-AM, St. Louis, Missouri. Producer: Steve Wein. Copywriter: Steve Wein. Voice talent: Steve Wein, Mark Harris.
Finalist: Aquacide – Hubbard Broadcasting, St. Paul, Minnesota. Producer: Tony Lee. Copywriter: Tony Lee. Voice talent: Tony Lee, Brad Lane, Jamie.

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