The 6th Radio And Production Awards (1996)

Congratulations Winners!

The ballots are in, and the votes have been counted! Please join us in congratulating the winners of the 6th Annual Radio And Production Awards!


WINNER: "Oklahoma City Tribute" from Brian Wilson/KPLX/KLIF, Dallas, Texas. Producer - Brian Wilson.
1st Runner-up: "T&A&E" from Craig Jackman/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Producer - Craig Jackman; Copy Writer - Renaud Timson; Voice Talent - John Rogers
2nd Runner-up: "OJ Simpson Verdict" from Greg Murray/WMFS-FM, Memphis, Tennessee. Producer - Greg Murray; Voice Talent - news footage sound bites


WINNER: "Billboard of Cash/Doh!" from Scott Muller/3 FOX FM, Melbourne, Australia. Producer - Scott Muller; Copy Writer - Scott Muller; Voice Talent - David Bradshaw
1st Runner-up: "Talk Team/Hugh Grant" from Brian Wilson/KLIF-AM, Dallas, Texas. Producer - Brian Wilson; Copy Writer/Original Music - Brian Wilson; Voice Talent - Jim Cutler
2nd Runner-up: "Billboard of Cash" from Daryl Missen/B105FM, Brisbane, Australia. Producer - Daryl Missen; Copy Writer - Rob Logan; Voice Talents - Steve Britten, Ron E. Sparx, Cymone Rose


WINNER: "Terra Wildsiders/Piranha" from Robert Baird/CFNY-FM, Toronto, Canada. Producer - Jim McCourtie; Copy Writers - Jamie Watson, Robert Baird, Karen Fisher; Voice Talents - Jamie Watson, Robert Baird, Howard Glassman
1st Runner-up: "Pine Mountain Fire Logs" from Don Elliot/KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California. Producers - Don Elliot, Gil Perez, Ray Avila; Copy Writers - Ray Avila, Don Elliot; Voice Talents - Karen Sharp, Don Elliot, Ray Avila
2nd Runner-up: "Future Rest Bedrooms" from David Jay/WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Producer - David Jay; Copy Writer - David Jay; Voice Talent - David Jay


WINNER: "Renaud Talks About..." from Craig Jackman/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Producer - Craig Jackman; Copy Writer - Renaud Timson; Voice Talents - Renaud Timson, Jim Hurcomb, Paul Boucher
1st Runner-up: "WLZR AM 1340 Giveaway" from Willie Wells/WKLH-FM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Producer - Willie Wells; Copy Writers - Scott Schubert, Keith Masters, Bob Madden, Brian Nelson; Voice Talents - Bob Madden, Brian Nelson, Sandy Thomas, Jeff Miller
2nd Runner-up: "Eagles, Hell Freezes Over" from Willie Wells/WKLH-FM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Producer - Willie Wells; Copy Writers - Bob Bellini, Brad Wallace, Jim Cutler, Willie Wells; Voice Talent - Jim Cutler


WINNER: "Mike's Custom Taxidermy/Generations" from Dave Lee/WAMZ, Louisville, Kentucky. Producer - Dave Lee; Copy Writer - Dave Lee; Voice Talents - Brandon Young, Mel Young, Tony Tabor, Dave Lee
1st Runner-up: "Quick Photo/Prince in About an Hour" from Mark H. Plemmons/WOMG-FM, Columbia, South Carolina. Producer - Mark H. Plemmons; Copy Writer - Mark H. Plemmons; Voice Talents - Mark H. Plemmons, Tanya Roberts
2nd Runner-up: "Western Pleasure/'Real' Western Wear" from Jean F. Hetherington/KVOO/KICK, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Producer - Jean F. Hetherington; Copy Writer - Jean F. Hetherington; Voice Talent - Jean F. Hetherington


WINNER: "Plugged/Unplugged Weekend" from Ron Drew/WGIR-FM, Manchester, New Hampshire. Producer - Ron Drew; Copy Writer - Ron Drew; Voice Talents - Ron Drew, Nick Sommers
1st Runner-up (TIE): "Tempus Fugit" from Kathy Morgan/KOSP-FM, Springfield, Missouri. Producer - Kathy Morgan; Copy Writers - Kathy Morgan, Larry Krauck; Voice Talent - Jim Merkel
1st Runner-up (TIE): "Radio. It Works, Listen" from Jon Hogan/92.2XSFM, Manawatu, New Zealand. Producers - Jon Hogan, Tim Sommerville; Copy Writer - Jon Hogan; Voice Talents - Jon Hogan, Tim Hamlin
1st Runner-up (TIE): "Christmas Wish/Rhiannon" from Kathy Morgan/KOSP-FM, Springfield, Missouri. Producer - Roger Piper; Voice Talents - Summer Stevens, Jim Merkel
2nd Runner-up (TIE): "Halloween Bags" from Andy Capp/KELO Radio, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Producer - Andy Capp. Copy Writer - Andy Capp; Voice Talents - Andy Capp, Suzanne Lynn
2nd Runner-up (TIE): "MIX 94.5 Night Mix/Tom Turkey" from Mary-Lynn Foster/WLRW, Champaign, Illinois. Producer - Mary-Lynn Foster; Copy Writer - Mary-Lynn Foster; Voice Talents - Mary-Lynn Foster, Mark Stinebring, Matt Bisby


WINNER: "Ants In Their Pants/Birthday Party Jingles" from Doug Jean/WLRW/WIXY, Champaign, Illinois. Producer - Doug Jean; Copy Writer - Doug Jean/Niki Miller; Voice Talents - Mary-Lynn Foster, Doug Jean, Jerome Ritchey, Kevin Powell, Jeff Corder
1st Runner-up: "Pikes Peak Acura/Traffic Lights" from Steve Garrett/KKCS/KIKX, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Producers - Steve Garrett, Pete May; Copy Writer - Steve Garrett; Voice Talents - Steve Garrett, Pete May
2nd Runner-up: "Montreal Mood/Montreal Convention & Tourism" from Mary Collins/WEZF-FM, Burlington, Vermont. Producer - Mary Collins; Copy Writer - Mary Collins; Voice Talents - Christine Adler, Ray Vasso

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