The R.A.P. CD - July 2002

RAP-CD-Logo1Welcome to the July 2002 RAP CD. We get things started with a great demo of work from Garry "D", this months interview subject. We follow that with the demo from last months interviewee, Chris Adams Ackerman of Clear Channel Audio Design in Boise, Idaho. The rest of this months CD is packed with some excellent commercials and promos. Sean Bell of NYPD in the UK contributes cut 7 with regards to this months Q It Up question about using kids on commercials. (By the way, you wont want to miss next months interview with the legendary Chuck Blore on this very subject.) Commercials fill out cuts 3 through 10. Then we do promos from cuts 11 through 26. We wrap up this months audio showcase with some humor from that crazy guy, Rich Conway at WCCC/WBOQ, Hartford, Connecticut.

1. Garry "D" demo, Garry "D", KNIX/KEY, Phoenix, Arizona, dgarry[at]
2. Chris Adams Ackerman demo, Clear Channel Audio Design, Boise, Idaho, recordist1[at]
3. Printing Place/The Program, Jeff Wine, Dame Broadcasting, Chambersburg, PA, jwine[at]
4. Captain Elis, Mark Fraser, Metro Radio Group, Halifax, NS, Canada, fixitinthemix[at]
5. Briarhurst-Fathers Day, Alan White, KKFM-FM, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alan.White[at]
6., Doug Newman, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ont., Canada, dnewman[at]
7. Pleasure Island, Sean Bell, NYPD, United Kingdom, seanbell[at]
8. Who Can Do It?, David L. Strickland, WGNY-FM, Newburgh, New York, dave[at]
9. WFO Promotions, Dave Shropshire , ShropSounds Audio, Davenport, Iowa, 563-445-1748
10. Okanagan Golf Club/Ball Abuse, Andrew Murdoch, SILK-FM, Kelowna, BC, Canada, andrew[at]
11. Ozzy Cue to Call, Kenny Hobbs, KEGL-FM, Dallas, Texas, kennyhobbs[at]
12. Most Music Promo, Jym Geraci, KSTP-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota, jgeraci[at]
13. Baseball Glove and a Dream, Troy Duran, KMOX-AM, St. Louis, Missouri, troy[at]
14. WCBS Winefest, Bill Tynan, WCBS Newsradio 880, New York, wstynan[at]
15. CIL Beatmix Montage, Timothy Miles, WCIL-FM, Carbondale, Illinois, liltimmy[at]
16. Germany World Cup Screening, Shane Smyth, Lite FM, Dublin, Ireland, shane.smyth[at]
17. Dive! Dive!, Mike Vuckovich, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ont., Canada, mvuckovich[at]
18. Undy 500, Jim Hausfeld, WTUE-FM, Dayton, Ohio, (937) 224-1137
19. Born 2 Fly/SkyWatch Traffic, Johnny George, Susquehanna Indianapolis, jgeorge[at]
20. World Rally Championships/"Passion", James Stodd, Red Dragon FM, Cardiff, United Kingdom, james.stodd[at]
21. Ubiqui-what?, Todd Manley, WGN-AM, Chicago, Illinois, tmanley[at]
22. Harley Days of May, CJ Goodearl & Dave Green, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida, (407) 916-8419
23. This is Who We Are, Richard Stroobant, CJAY, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, bigdick[at]
24. Rock Workforce, Cruz, WNRQ-FM, Nashville, Tennessee, cruznuz[at]
25. Vibe Nation, Sarah, GWR Group Programme Production, Bristol, UK, programme.production[at]
26. Employment Ad, Brett Mason, WDJR-FM, Dothan, Alabama, brett[at]
27. I Hate Osama's Greatest Hits, Rich Conway, WCCC/WBOQ, Hartford, Connecticut

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