The R.A.P. Cassette - April 1999

Because of the RAP Awards finalists on last month's RAP Cassette, we did not include a demo from Jim Conlan and Bill West at Radio Works, subjects of the March interview. So, we kick off Side A this month with a short demo of four great spots from Radio Works. Glance at last month's interview to refresh your memory before listening. The rest of Side A gives us a nice collection of creative commercials. Those of you tired of hearing heartburn commercials will enjoy the spoof from Jeff Cannon on cut 12, and we wrap up the side with a couple of sweeper montages. Side B is devoted to promos, and there's some pretty good work on this side, too.

Side A:

1. Demo from Jim Conlan/Bill West, Radio Works, Houston, Texas, (713) 789-3751
2. The Eyesite, Richard Stroobant, CJAY, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (403) 240-5837
3. Donut Connection, Doug Ankerman, WHBC-AM/FM, Canton, Ohio, (216) 456-7166
4. Car Wash Trio, Pat White, WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri, (314) 781-9600
5. Dartmouth Volkswagen, Terry Purcell, C100/CJCH, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, (902) 453-2524
6. Gold Leaf Ltd., John Mangino, WUSQ/WFQX/WNTW, Winchester, Virginia, (540) 662-5101
7. Chantilly's, Craig Debolt, WTPT, Greenville, South Carolina, (864) 235-9393
8. Heroes and Fantasies, Ric Gonzalez, KISS/KSMG/KLUP, San Antonio, Texas, (210) 646-0105
9. Bullfeathers, Matt Anthony, WXVO-FM, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 588-6511
10. Gingiss Formalwear, Dennis Coleman, CBS Radio, Austin, Texas, (512) 327-9595
11. AXID/AHD, Jeff Cannon, Branson Music Network, Branson, Missouri, (417) 338-6049
12. Outlaw Country Sweeper Montage, Eric Bohlen, Dick Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 212-4536
13. Multi-station Sweeper Montage, Joe Edwards, Advantage Productions, Fort Myers, Florida, (941) 482-1444

Side B:

1. Sandy's Kids, Vito Gee, WLZR, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (414) 454-0900
2. Sticker On, Garry "D", KNIX-FM, Phoenix, Arizona, (602) 966-6236
3. Drive at Five, Ryan Stockert, CKAT, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, (705) 474-2000
4. Mystery Number Contest, Greg Murray, WLVQ-FM, Columbus, Ohio, (614) 227-9696
5. WIBC/Morning Show, Lonnie Perkins, Perkins & Co., Louisville, Kentucky, (502) 245-8005
6. Song of the Day, Craig Buffington, WQIK/WJGR, Jacksonville, Florida, (904) 388-7711
7. Radio-catessen, Don Elliot, KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California, (213) 427-7236
8. Rush-Zilla, Dean Heid, WMAN/WYHT, Mansfield, Ohio, (419) 529-2211
9. In Dahl's Room, Todd Manley, WCKG, Chicago, Illinois, (312) 240-7993
10. Bailey's 80s Reunion, Chris Parkin, 92 More FM, Christchurch, New Zealand, (643) 377-1999
11. WRQN 70s Weekend, Dave Hanson, Radioactive, Dallas, Texas, (214) 526-7200
12. Listeners, Greg Saunders, 101QFL, Rockford, Illinois, (815) 654-1200
13. Freeloader Friday, Rik Wolfe, WWSK, Florence, South Carolina, (803) 662-6364
14. Motor City Radio Reunion, Bob Green, Bob Green Productions, Houston, Texas, (713) 977-1334
15. KUQQ Experiment, Laurie Olson, KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake, Iowa, (712) 336-5800
16. X Files Promotion, Andrew Safnauer, WROQ/WSSl/WMYI, Greenville, South Carolina, (864) 242-0101
17. WTUE Hookup Line, Jim Hausfeld, Jacor Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, (937) 224-1137

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