TEAC Introduces the AD-850 Cassette/CD Multi-function Player

Bridging the best of old and new, the TEAC AD-850 is designed to deliver inspiring analog performance for today's digital world. Combining a CD player and cassette deck, the AD-850 also adds features like MP3 recording and playback, USB memory stick recording and playback, and even a front panel microphone input for Karaoke.

TEAC AD 850 B 400In addition to commercial CD playback, the AD-850 supports recordable CD-R and CD-RW discs, including discs with MP3 files, and the integrated cassette deck features a ±10% pitch control during playback.

The AD-850 is a party machine, sporting a built-in front panel 1/4-inch microphone input, and the ability to mix the mic signal with backing tracks from CD, cassette, USB, or auxiliary input. You can even select two different settings of reverb for the microphone input, to give your vocals that professional "studio" sound. Record your performance to cassette tape or a USB drive to share with friends and family.

The AD-850's two head cassette mechanism supports normal format tapes, as well as chrome and metal varieties. It also features a ±10% pitch control to raise or lower playback to suit your vocal range. The CD player supports commercial CDs, including displaying meta data (artist name and song title) in the LCD readout. Automated playback modes are offered including Repeat, Shuffle, and Program Play.

With timer-ready functions to enable scheduled playback or recording, the AD-850 is truly an all-around workhorse, delivering a wide range of functionality and versatility. Find out more at www.teac.com

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