The R.A.P. Soundstage - May 2017

The 27th RAP Awards: Best of the Rest – Part 2: Imaging & Commercials

We wrap up the 27th Radio And Production Awards this month with the Best of the Rest - Part 2, shining the light on the Best of the Rest from the Imaging and Commercial categories. Imaging is found on tracks 1-9. Large Market Commercials on tracks 10-17, Medium Market Commercials on tracks 18-23, and Small Market Commercials wrap it up on tracks 24-31.  Great work everyone, and we hope to see and hear your entries again next year, hopefully in the Finals!

Note: The numbers next to each track only reflect the cut number on the Soundstage player and do not indicate any ranking in votes received. The name on each entry is the name of the person submitting the entry, unless that person was not a participant in creating the entry, in which case, the name listed is the name of the producer.

  1. Radio 1 UAE Power Intros, Vishwanath B, Gulf News Broadcasting, Dubai, UAE
  2. KISS 925 Imaging & Sound Design, Albert To, Rogers Radio, Toronto, ON
  3. BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ben Marks, BBC Radio 1, London, UK
  4. BBC Radio 1’s Christmas Power Intros, Matt Fisher, BBC Radio 1, London, UK
  5. News Talk ZB New Zealand, Mike Young, Mike Young Studio, Beverly Hills, CA
  6. DashRadio 1AM, Mike Young, Mike Young Studio, Beverly Hills, CA
  7. 102.1 The Edge - Behind The Scenes, Jay Helmus, Corus Entertainment, Toronto, ON
  8. 102.1 The Edge - Morning Silly-ness Branding, Jay Helmus, Corus Entertainment, Toronto, ON
  9. The World of Howard Stern, Ron Tarrant, Howard Stern-SiriusXM, New York, NY
  10. St. Louis Bar & Grill - Wingsanity Tim & Sid Knock Knock, Elisabeth Hart, Rogers Radio, Toronto, ON
  11. The Gardener - "The Gardener Did It", Elisabeth Hart, Rogers Radio, Toronto, ON
  12. Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life - "Taking a Walk", Chris Shapcotte, Rogers Radio, Toronto, ON
  13. Wendy's 'Freestyle', Azeem Haq, Evanov Radio Group, Toronto, ON
  14. Terry Fox Secondary - Body's On The Roadside, Jay Helmus, Corus Entertainment, Toronto, ON
  15. UDS Sufferers, Chris Leitz, Newcap Radio, Vancouver, BC
  16. Canadian Cancer Society - For Mom, Dave Calvert, Rogers Radio, Toronto, ON
  17. Casa Loma – Un-real Estate Listing, Dave Calvert, Rogers Radio, Toronto, ON
  18. Tunex Possessed, Von Coffman, Bonneville Radio, Salt Lake City, UT
  19. Ole Ben Franklin Motors - Spring Cleaning, Eric Bohlen, Scripps Radio, Knoxville, TN
  20. Solution Man - Velocity International Group, Morgan MacGavin, Nashville, TN
  21. Fat Panda, Jim Van Dusen, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Winnipeg, MB
  22. Nox Security, Kate Day, Bell Media, Calgary, AB
  23. Puff-N-Stuff – Travel Agent, Don Robertson, WCLT Radio, Heath, OH
  24. Out of This World - Bay of Isles Furniture, Toni Lodge, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, Australia
  25. Rozick's Greenhouse - Crazy For Plants, Andy Berkowitz, Forever Media, Hollidaysburg, PA
  26. No Excuse, Cheyne Hewison, UKRD, Aylesbury, UK
  27. Cowan Agencies - Square Dance , Jesse Wilkins, Rogers Radio, Medicine Hat, AB
  28. Cut Above the Rest - Emerald Irrigation, Corey Coldwell, Bell Media, Penticton, BC
  29. Pizza for Breakfast - Joe's Pizza, Brad Harris, Southern Cross Austerio, Bunbury, Australia
  30. Kalgirly, Melissa Crompton, Southern Cross Austerio, Bunbury, Australia
  31. Should Have Used Winery, James McIntosh, Newcap Radio, Kelowna, BC


Support the R.A.P. Soundstage by sending some audio you’ve recently produced at your studios. Please include your e-mail address for anyone interested in finding out details about the work. Promos, commercials, sweepers/IDs, bits, spoof spots, song parodies, and most any other good piece of production are welcome. If you send sweeper/ID montages, make them around sixty to ninety seconds long max. All other items should be sent on separate files. Please normalize your mp3 files and trim the silence from the front and back. Email to, and thank you for supporting the R.A.P. Soundstage, formerly known as The R.A.P. CD and The R.A.P Cassette from way back in the day – none of which have existed without you. ?

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