The R.A.P. Soundstage - February 2017

Up first on this month’s Soundstage is audio from Dave Foxx referenced in his Production 512 class this month. More promos are on tracks 2-5. We didn’t get many submissions for this month, so sprinkled in with the current stuff are several tracks from the past year or two that we’ve had on file – not that they weren’t good enough to present before, these are mostly “extra” tracks that were sent. Commercials wrap it up on tracks 6-15.

The Soundstage is filled up with the 27th RAP Awards Finalists and Best of the Rest for the next three months. We return to our regular format for the Soundstage in June. So if you come up with something cool from your studios over the next couple of months, send it in! We’ll stash it for the June Soundstage!

    1. Z100 Artist Image Promo, Dave Foxx
    2. Music Demo for LG1043, Cameron Wendt, Newcap Radio
    3. WDSY/Y108 Country Christmas, Ronald Ahern, CBS Radio, Pittsburgh, PA
    4. Ugliest Kid, Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, AB
    5. KISS Music Promo - Taylor Macklemore Avril Pink Robin, Jamie Montgomery, Rogers Radio, Ottawa, ON
    6. Blue Sky Bingo - Spring Generic, Matthys Pischke, Vista Radio, Kelowna, BC
    7. Total Restoration - Back to Future, Paul Brain and Kolby Heiss, Bell Media, Kelowna, BC
    8. Daniels Fish and Chips - Chicken Goujons and Robbers, Luke McPeake, UKRD, Bristol, UK
    9. Wild Mind Travel Co., Phillip Jensen, SAIT, Calgary, AB
    10. Piece by Peace - Re Re Re, Ryan Spooner and Tyler Hodkinson
    11. Inspire Realty - SOLD, Corey Coldwell, Bell Media, Penticton, BC
    12. Sentry Box - Board Games, Steven Petropoulos, SAIT, Calgary, AB
    13. Broadview Homes - Great Wall Of China, Ben Thorgeirson, Newcap Radio, Calgary, AB
    14. Northam Toy And Bike World, Tim Hammond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, WA, Australia
    15. Impact Signs - Longlasting Sticky Labels, Langley Gerrard


Support the R.A.P. Soundstage by sending some audio you’ve recently produced at your studios. Please include your e-mail address for anyone interested in finding out details about the work. Promos, commercials, sweepers/IDs, bits, spoof spots, song parodies, and most any other good piece of production are welcome. If you send sweeper/ID montages, make them around sixty to ninety seconds long max. All other items should be sent on separate files. Please normalize your mp3 files and trim the silence from the front and back. Email to, and thank you for supporting the R.A.P. Soundstage, formerly known as The R.A.P. CD and The R.A.P Cassette from way back in the day – none of which exist or have existed without you. J

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