The R.A.P. Soundstage - January 2016

January 2016

Submissions for the Soundstage were pretty slim this past month, but we did receive enough gems to give you another good dose of creative inspiration. If you haven’t contributed in a while, help us keep it going with YOUR contribution for the February Soundstage. Deadline for February will be Friday, January 22nd.

Up first is this month’s Editor’s Choice Award winner, an ace promo from Evan Surminski at Corus Radio Winnipeg for the Shadoe Davis show – cool concept, well-performed and produced! Track 2 is audio Dave Foxx references in his Production 212 column -- it’s the last promo he wrote, cut and produced for Z100 before his exit! Track 3 is the commercial Dennis Daniel talks about at the end of his Commercial Chronicles column this month. Track 4 is a spot Steve Wein produced back in 1973 and talks about in his Q It Up response on pages 6/7. Track 5 comes from Dave Stalker, a spot he had in the station archives that the client decided to start running again – a really good, creative spot that Dave notes was produced by an agency in Portland called Pink Martini and thought it was worth sharing, and it is. Track 6 from the young Tom Baker is a spot he entered in the NextRadio contest. It placed 1st and aired on 30+ stations nationwide! More commercials are on tracks 6-13. Track 9 features a British accent on the VO, but this spot isn’t from the UK -- interesting how a non-local accent can put a whole new flavor on the message. We get some excellent promo work on tracks 14-17, and we wrap it up with some imaging montages on tracks 18-20. The teasers on track 20 were interspersed in regular programming before a station launch.


  1. Shadoe Davis Show - Generic Promo, Evan Surminski, Corus Radio, Winnipeg, MB
  2. Z100 Jingle Ball Promo, Dave Foxx, Austin, TX
  3. Malouf - Mystico,  Dennis Daniel, Cameron Advertising, New York, NY
  4. Murphy's Markets (1973), Steve Wein, KTRS, St. Louis, MO
  5. Bomb Squad - Doggie Poop Song (Pink Martini), Dave Stalker, Combined Communications, Bend, OR
  6. Data Pigs, Tom Baker, 89X WLNX, Lincoln, IL
  7. Signature's Eatery - Cop Pull Over, Cameron Wendt, Vista Radio, Kelowna, BC
  8. Ski Pants, Chris Diestler, Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe, NM
  9. Boss Auto, Corey Coldwell, 102.9 CHTM, Thompson, MB
  10. Anderson Toyota – Toyotathon, Andrew Frame, BAF Soundworks, Lehigh Acres, FL
  11. Burrard Roofing - Santa Endorse, Jay Helmus, Newcap Radio, Vancouver, BC
  12. Stampede Toyota – Timmy, Ben Thorgeirson, Newcap Radio, Calgary, AB
  13. Bunbury Training Specialists, Matt Redmond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, Australia
  14. Z953 10k Song, Jay Helmus, Jay Helmus, Newcap Radio, Vancouver, BC
  15. Merry Textmas Pre Promo,">Liz Draper, Bell Media, Nelson, BC
  16. Alpenland, Alex Zaretsky, Rogers Communications, Lethbridge, AB
  17. Y108 Backstage BBQ Recap,">Ronald Ahern, CBS Radio, Pittsburgh, PA
  18. Branded Intros, Ashley Bard,, London, UK
  19. KAZR Lazer 103.3 Sweepers, Brian Whitaker, Saga Communications, Des Moines, IA
  20. Sign On Stunt Teasers (x3), Chris Diestler, Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe, NM

Help support the RAP Soundstageby sending some audio you’ve recently produced at your studios. Please include your e-mail address for anyone interested in finding out details about the work. Promos, commercials, sweepers/IDs, bits, spoof spots, song parodies, and most any other good piece of production are welcome. If you send sweeper/ID montages, make them around sixty to ninety seconds long max. All other items should be sent as separate files. Please normalize your mp3 files and trim the silence from the front and back. Email to, and thank you for supporting the R.A.P. Soundstage, formerly known as The R.A.P. CD and The R.A.P Cassette from way back in the day – none of which exist or have existed without you. J

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