The Mix - December 2015


Firstcom evo241e rhythmrefined repro web► Latest releases from Firstcom include: Mystery, Drama And Magic BBCPM046 - A thematically linked orchestral collection of dramatic, mysterious and magical themes; Big Top Toon Shop BBCPM047 - Roll Up Roll Up! Fun circus and cartoon tracks. Traditional style big tent action for children's promos and comedy scenes; Retro Rock CHAP433 - Upbeat, fun tracks that'll bring out the rocker in all of us. Get in your Cadillac and cruise for miles; Haydn: String Quartets 11 DGPM051 - String Quartet No. 34-36 Op. 20; Snow Seasons EVO240e - Documentary and film underscores that convey a sense of beauty, wonder, awe and reverence.  An inspired journey into winter and beyond.  Perfect music for drama, nature, emotional storytelling and human interest; Rhythm Refined  EVO241e - Rhythmically compelling underscores create forward motion and interest. Moods range from high energy to sophistication, information to innovation; Rhythmscapes EVO242 - A complete collection of drums, percussion and beats in virtually every style.  Hip hop, rock, jazz, reggae, film trailers, game trailers and more.  Sometimes all you need is a beat. Audition these and more at

Atomica Modern Hybrids webAtomica Music released an update for Q4 featuring over 200 new titles including: DHM1029 Modern Hybrids - High energy mashup of retro, dance, electronica and rock flavors. Upbeat and positive with body moving backbeats; DHV1014 Male Songwriters - A collection of catchy male singer songwriter themes. Perfect for advertising and promotional applications; DHM1027 Renegade Blues - Raunchy and raucous blues themes.  Rough, gritty and plenty of attitude; DHM1024 Drama Fantastique - Whimsical and magical cues with a lean towards the dark. Themes for the other world. Beautiful and menacing. Audition these and more at

StickyFX free x mas pack 2015 webSticky FX has created a special X-Mas FX Pack with 30 free FX and work parts, from whooshes to sparkles and bells to flyby’s. “Because of the neutral signature sound, these royalty free X-mas FX will fit in any mainstream format like CHR, (HOT) AC or Rhythmic.” Website registration required for download. ► 


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