The R.A.P. Soundstage - February 2015

By Jerry Vigil

We get things started with this month’s Editor’s Choice Award winner, a promo from a student at SAIT. This might be our first ECA awarded to a student! It’s a little rough around the edges, but the concept and copy got my vote! The audio is also posted in the R.A.P. Forum’s ECA page where you can add comments of your own if you wish. Track 2 is audio for this month’s Producer’s VU column featuring a promo from Kieran Bell at The Radio Network in Auckland. Track 3 is Dave Foxx’s monthly audio contribution with some cool use of artist audio.

Submissions were light this month as they usually are around Awards time, but we have a few fresh cuts to offer and grabbed a few that have been stashed in the archives for a bit. Commercials are on tracks 4 – 12. We get a few more promos on tracks 13-15. New member Ashley Bard offers up a cool show intro on track 16, and we wrap it up with some fun from Ben Thorgeirson on track 17.

  1. Country Promo, Jesse Wilkins, SAIT Radio, Calgary, Alberta,
  2. FVM Media Hijack – Producer’s VU, Kieran Bell, The Radio Network, Auckland, New Zealand
  3. 5th Harmony Promo, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York,
  4. FSJ Trade Show, Cameron Wendt, Bell Media, Fort St. John, British Columbia,
  5. Legends Encore, Micheal Ziants, Airlift Production, New Orleans, Louisiana,
  6. No Frills Fertilisers Campaign, Tim Hammond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, Western Australia,
  7. Dole Racer, Jay Ginsberg, KZST-FM, Santa Rosa, California,
  8. Apollo Grill, Andrew Frame, BAF Soundworks, Lehigh Acres, Florida,
  9. ABC Country Restaurant - Side Effects, Ryan Spooner and Steve Ball, Rogers Radio, Medicine Hat, Alberta,
  10. Grove House – Discover,  Luke McPeake, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom,
  11. Molly Maid, Deborah Hopkins, 105.3 KOOL-FM / 99.5 KFUN, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario,
  12. Jespers Retail – Conga, Tom Ellis, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom,
  13. 89X Hockey Speak Viewing Party, Alan McKinnon, Bell Media, Windsor, Ontario,
  14. CJAY NCDD Promo, Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, Alberta,
  15. Barkbusters, Jamie Montgomery, Rogers Radio, Ottawa, Ontario,
  16. Capital Xtra Craig David Show Opener, Ashley Bard, The Capital Network, London,
  17. The Real Housewives Of Prison, Ben Thorgeirson, Newcap Radio, Calgary, Alberta,

Support the R.A.P. Soundstageby sending some audio you’ve recently produced at your studios. Please include your e-mail address for anyone interested in finding out details about the work. Promos, commercials, sweepers/IDs, bits, spoof spots, song parodies, and most any other good piece of production are welcome. If you send sweeper/ID montages, make them around sixty to ninety seconds long max. All other items should be sent on separate files. Please normalize your mp3 files and trim the silence from the front and back. Email to, and thank you for supporting the R.A.P. Soundstage, formerly known as The R.A.P. CD and The R.A.P Cassette from way back in the day – none of which exist or have existed without you. :-)

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