Test Drive: Technics SL-P1200 Compact Disc Player

The 10-key pad lets you move quickly to tracks by number. The "feel" of the unit, from the action of the buttons and controls to its weight, leaves you with the impression that you're using a solid, well built player.

Special insulation and base construction help to eliminate vibration of the laser pickup. This is helpful in studios where monitors get cranked up pretty high. Some of you may have noticed how a CD player will go bonkers if the monitors are too high.

Here are a few specs for the techies:

Decoding - 16-bit linear
Lowpass Filter - High Resolution Digital Filter (double oversampling/88.2kHz)
Sampling Frequency - 44.1kHz
Pickup - FF1(Fine Focus 1-Beam)
Response - 4-20,000Hz
S/N ratio - 106db
Separation - 106db(1kHz)
THD - .0025%(1kHz)
Wow & Flutter - immeasurable

If this isn't enough CD player for you, Technics has introduced the SL-P1300. It looks very much like the SL-P1200 but features an 18-bit system with 8-times oversampling, XLR outputs, an optical output, and a coaxial digital output. List price on the 1300 is from $1599.99 to $1699.99. We're not sure on the availability of this unit. Check with your dealer for more information.

Either way you go, you can sleep comfortably knowing you have an excellent CD player. Keep in mind that makers of consumer decks have a larger market to appeal to. That gives them more money to spend making better players while keeping prices low. When looking for a CD player for your studio, make sure it does what you want it to; pitch control, cue to audio, etc. The best test is to find one and play with it before you buy.

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Even after 26 years when I wrote this review, I can still remember how great it felt to get my hands on this player. Would be cool to hear thoughts from anyone that might be using one of these today.

Jerry Vigil
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An incredible cd player
I own this incredible machine for 6 month... a purchase I can't regret ! Its look is fatastic, as vintage as original (and finally not so old that you can imagine), very well built, solid as a rock... For a radio station that still uses cd (in 2019...), it's the best player. I personally use this SL-P1200 as a cd player in a stereo system. All my friends are surprised by its powerful look, and by the sound of the machine. About this point, I have a better Technics player (one of the 2 best ones in Technics production), a SL-PS900 that play the music perfectly (depp stage, bass with rich details, natural tone, limitless dynamic etc...). The SL-P1200 sounds good, but with a metallic trebles tendancy.

Bruno Guilloux
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I would love to have this player in my stereo system! Thanks for your comments, Bruno.

Jerry Vigil
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Thanks a lot Jerry... I'm sorry for all my spelling mistakes (I'm french)... Yes, this machine looks fantastic. It's certainly the most beautiful cd player ever built !

Bruno Guilloux
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Your English is way better than my French!
(edit: fixed my spelling. lol..)

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