Eleven Things That Sound Naughty...

We asked Andrew Frame to come up with his version of the 12 Days of Christmas, but all we got were his...

Eleven things that sound naughty to someone walking past the vocal booth

...but aren’t

1. (talent to producer on setup): “Oh, you know how I like it.”

2. “I need to open my throat up a bit.”

3. “Man, you blew that one good.”

4. “I want you to come in on top of each other...”

5. “Easy there, you’re too hot”

6. (Group v/o session in small studio): “Can you handle all of us at once?”

7. “You’re sounding tight.”

8. “Give me more”

9. “I need you right on it” (the mic)

10. “What do you think of those cans?”

11. “You’re really breathy today”

 ---Andrew Frame (studio@bafsoundworks.com)

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