The R.A.P. CD - November 2006

RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the November 2006 RAP CD, brought to you in part by Drake Donovan Productions and their new imaging music library, Bedz. Check out the demo on track 1! Up next is a sampler from this month's interview subject, Brendan O'Driscoll at 96 & 103FM in Cork City, Ireland. Track 3 brings us audio for this month's Production 212 column from Dave Foxx. Hot spots fill out tracks 4 through 11, and promos light up tracks 12 through 26. Track 12 is a nice twist on a winner promo; Eric Bohlen notes: "...we couldn't get a hold of the winner on the phone, so we called the Mayor's office to give him the good news." Great idea! Sweeper montages wrap up this month's CD on tracks 27 through 30. Excellent work everyone!

1. [ADV] Bedz-Imaging Music Library, Drake Donovan Productions, drake[at], 724-448-0994
2. Demo from Brendan O'Driscoll, 96 & 103FM, Cork City, Ireland, production[at]
3. Production 212 Audio – Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]
4. Pier Pub/Nice Rack, Andrew Murdoch, Power 104, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, amurdoch[at]
5. In Bloom Flowers/How Mad Is She?, Andrew Frame, BAFSoundworks, Lehigh Acres, Florida, andrew[at]
6. Sun Valley Lanes/Trends, Kurt Kaniewski, Clear Channel, Lincoln, Nebraska, kurtkoncepts[at]
7. Haunted Woods, Glenn "Casey" Cook, WMJT-FM, Newberry, Michigan, gcook[at]
8. Rugby BC/Vote, Sean Bell, NYPD, New Yorkshire, United Kingdom, seanbell[at]
9. Rainbow Embroidery, Celeste Grebinski, Harvard Broadcasting, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, cgrebinski[at]
10. COP/Mountain Biking, Richard Stroobant, CJAY92/Vibe 98-5, Calgary, Alb., Canada, bigdick[at]
11. TGI Fridays, Chadd Pierce, KRXQ/KSEG, Sacramento, California, chadd[at]
12. Earl Winner Promo, Eric Bohlen, Citadel Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee, eric.bohlen[at]
13. Q Jet The Who, Anthony McNutt,, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada, amcnutt[at]
14. Cash Cow #1, Dan Motut, JRFM/600AM, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, prod2[at]
15. Jack Desert of the Day, Dave Cockram, Rogers Radio, Vancouver, BC, Canada, dave.cockram[at]
16. WTPT Chainsaw Massacure, John Pallarino, WTPT-FM, Greenville, South Carolina, jpallarino[at]
17. Bingeman's Scream Park, Mike Vuckovich, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, mvuckovich[at]
18. Broken Bridges, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]
19. Call the Hopeline, Stu Gray, Dawson McAllister Live, Nashville, Tennessee, stu[at]
20. Mug Song #14, T-Bone, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, Stoonprod1[at]
21. Styx, Steve Franzman, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, sfranzman[at]
22. KAZR Beatmixer, Brian Whitaker, KAZR-FM, Des Moines, Iowa, brian1025[at]
23. Image/Perfect, Johnny George, Formerly at Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana, radio[at]
24. Beat The Team: Ring, CJ Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]
25. New Music, Rich Conway, WCCC/WBOQ, Hartford, Connecticut, rconway[at]
26. Workforce With Christa, Ryan Keith, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, ryank[at]
27. Jack Imaging #2, Jim McCarthy, 96.3 Jack FM, Nashville, Tennessee, jmccarthy[at]
28. Imaging Sampler, Matt Lomax, Kiss 100, London, England, matt.lomax[at]
29. WDHA Imaging Montage, Mike Cocheo, WMTR/WDHA, Morristown, New Jersey, mcocheo[at]
30. Power FM Montage, James Stodd, Capital FM, London, England, James.Stodd[at]

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