The R.A.P. CD - December 2004

RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the December 2004 RAP CD. We get started with a motivating demo from this months interview subject, Walter Koschnitzke at DreamMakers Productions. Dave Foxx provides audio for this months Production 212 column on track 2. Some first rate commercials fill out tracks 3 through 9. Promos take up tracks 10 through 23. Tracks 11 and 12 are some fun promos from Glenn Cook who explains: "it involves us poking fun at our TV6 Meteorologist, Karl Bohnack, who has become a funny part of our Coffee Crew Morning Show doing forecasts for us. People actually thought the guy was running for office! The story we made up was that he'd been living in the one house town of Raco, took up residency in the old, closed down, fire tower, and made friends with a bunch of squirrels, because there is maybe just a handful of people that actually live there! So, we figured if he was like one of the only people there, he could be Mayor!" Track 24 from Beecher Martin is an interesting idea for the next election. Sweeper montages wrap things up on tracks 25 through 28. Great work troops! Thanks to all for your contributions!

1. Walter Koschnitzke Demo, DreamMakers Productions, Kenosha, Wisconsin, dreammakers[at]
2. Production 212 audio from Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]
3. Dr. James Lofgren DDS, Steve Stone, KUPH-FM, Mountain View, Missouri, steven[at]
4. Farm Machinery Tasmania, Reno Miller, 7 LA, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, mill_harvest[at]
5. Waterfront Wines, Albert Berkshire, SILK-FM, Kelowna, BC, Canada, albert[at]
6. JDs Night Club/Ladies-Fear Factor, Tami Reade, Harvard Broadcasting, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, treade[at]
7. Sugar Mountain, Mike Vuckovich, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, mvuckovich[at]
8. NS Stone Masons, Sean Bell, NYPD, United Kingdom, seanbell[at]
9. Logan Auto/Tax Man, Jim Barbee, WMDH-FM, Muncie, Indiana, jim.barbee[at]
10. B106 Top Hour Imager, James Stodd, Capital FM, London, England, James.Stodd[at]
11. Vote For Karl, Glenn "Casey" Cook, WNBY-FM, Newberry, Michigan, gcook[at]
12. Karl's Speech, Glenn "Casey" Cook, WNBY-FM, Newberry, Michigan, gcook[at]
13. Right Values, Rich Boerner, KLSX, Los Angeles, California, rboerner[at]
14. Big Bang, Andy Stone, 2CRFM, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, andy.stone[at]
15. Live the Life in Vegas, Andrew Murdoch, SILK-FM, Kelowna, BC, Canada, production[at]
16. U2 Radio Weekend, Carson Manette, CKEY/CFLZ/CJRN/CHQI, Niagara, Ontario, Canada, cjrnnews[at]
17. Winning Weekend/Drive Thru, Reggie "C", WWWZ-FM, Charleston, South Carolina, reggie.c[at]
18. Secret Sound/Big & Rich Pack, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]
19. World Series Recap, Joel Roberts, WWLS-AM/FM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, joel.roberts[at]
20. Red White & Zoo, Johnny George, Susquehanna Indianapolis, jgeorge[at]
21. Mug Promo, Markus Shafer, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, Stoonprod3[at]
22. Bike-a-Day-in-May, Doug Newman, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, dnewman[at]
23. 3 Clash Short Promos, Wayne Smith, C91.3, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia, smithw[at]
24. "Vote" vignettes, Beecher Martin, WQYK-FM, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, beecher[at]
25. Family Life Network Teaser Promo montage, Pete Bunch, Spoken Word Images, spknwordim[at]
26. Jon & Coup Sweepers, Jon Carter, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina, jc[at]
27. 98 Rock Imaging Montage, Chadd Pierce, KRXQ/KSEG, Sacramento, California, cpierce[at]
28. Earwhacked Sweeper Montage, CJ Wilson, Earwhacked Radio Imaging, Savannah, Georgia, prodhopper[at]

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