Producer's Market - Terms of Use

Producer’s Market ads are free for all registered users on the site. Ads will run for 90 days and can be renewed for an additional 90 days at any time by logging in to the site and managing your ads on this page. Classified ads are also free but have a duration of 30 days, which can also be renewed at any time. All ads can be cancelled at any time by deleting them from your control panel.

All ads also appear randomly site-wide in a separate module (on the sidebar), which will give you further exposure on the site. The fewer total ads there are, the more exposure those ads receive. (Also, for you SEO types, all ads are indexed by search engines, so ads with back-links to your site are another plus.)

Ads may not be sold to or represent third parties. Classified ads will be approved before publishing and are usually approved quickly during regular business hours. All other ads will publish immediately. Radio And Production reserves the right to reject any submitted ad. If you have questions or problems, email